Where can I get a website made?

You may be asking who can make a website for me? Well I can. I can build your business website, help you get noticed locally, and in the search engines. You can build a lovely, free web site, but if no one can find it, it’ll not help you at all!

Bigger companies can charge in excess of £2,000 for a website and are usually large from the outset. They often contain many pages with advanced functionality. In-house content management systems can bump up their prices, and the consequence of this bump up their charges, especially if software components need to be specifically written for your purposes.

Freelancer vs Design Company

Bigger companies will not always take on small websites, and this is where I specialise. I worked for a design company for 11 years and am able to apply my experience of front-end development to my own website builds.  I do not have the overheads a big company have, and as a freelance websites designer, work from home jobs are perfect for me and for you as I can keep the costs down.

A full Build Website with Wordpress keeps cost down

I can make you a one page website (a glorified advert if you like) for £200-£250 including domain and hosting. You’ll have full access to it with the ability to make your new website as large as you like. For around £500 I can get you up and running with a 3-4 page website.

For a freelance web designer, WordPress is the ideal web design tool to get a  client up and running, quickly and at an affordable price. This is ideal for a small business that just needs some introductory pages and a web presence.

Many plugins are available for free, at least to try out, and paid extended services are always available.

I offer maintenance and support that will help you develop your website further. Please a look at my affordable websites page where I go into a little more detail.

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