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Do I need a website designer?

Do I need a website designer?

So you have decided you may need a website. “But I can just go to one of these free builder sites and set one up for myself? Why do I need a website designer?”

Free builders will help you build your pages, edit your content and let you change the colours and fonts. They’ll even allow you to extend the product further, at a cost.

Take time to consider though, that building a website and making it look nice only contributes to about 20% of what goes into developing a website.

The hardest part of making a website work lies in attaining a higher placement in search engines, making your pages fast to load, easy to read and easy to navigate.

Search engine optimisation, depending on your business aims, is something that is not covered in free builders. They will likely allow you to add some Meta Titles and descriptions and of course you can add your own content but their free functionality usually stops there.

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