Isle of Wight Dog Grooming Centre – New build

I have this week put live a new website for the Isle of Wight Dog Grooming Centre. Thanks to Donna and the girls for this great commission. This website uses some great plugins and allows the centre to access and update their own pages at any time. A rather neat pets photo gallery includes a slideshow that can be enlarged to full screen. The website is also optimised for mobile devices. The About and Dog of the month pages feature a blog post slider which helps keep the page short, without the need for too much scrolling. The testimonials page allows the centre to add individual testimonials one at a time to the back end content management, enabling them to avoid maintaining a big page of text every time they need to add some new comments. These pages give the centre the ability to turn each article on or off, and makes website maintenance and management much easier.

The Dog Grooming Centre offers hundreds of styling options that will be appropriate to the animal based on the lifestyle of the pet and the owner’s wishes. Their role is to work with the pet and owner in selecting the styling option that will make both owner and pet happy.

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